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Cut out the Extra Excessive fees by ELIMINATING the middlemen!

High Quality With Low Prices!

We have access to all the major Name Brands that the Retail or Discount stores carry on Mattresses & Furniture but we don’t have the overhead they do so we pass our savings on to you. It Only makes Sense that without all that overhead that our prices will be lower and save you money.

Lifetime Warranty – We Want To Be Your Mattress Supplier For The Rest Of Your Life

Non-Prorated vs. Prorated Mattress Warranty

With a nonprorated warranty, you get full protection and will not to have to cover any costs for replacement or repair. With a prorated warranty, you may incur some of the costs of repair or replacement. It essentially means that the manufacturer will pay for the part or aspect of the mattress that failed.  With our PerfectDreamer Mattress, we offer a Full Non-Prorated Warranty for the 1st 10 Years and then after that we offer a Pro-Rated Warranty equal to 75% of the cost of the Mattress purchased.  This is a one-of-a-kind warranty in the Mattress Industry !

Factory Direct To You

The benefits of Factory Direct is unbeatable pricing, accurate orders, reliable delivery dates, and accountability. Cut out the extra excessive fees by eliminating the Middlemen that will only drive up cost.

Let Us Pass On The Savings To You!

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No Phoney Ads

Work with the Owners

The savvy consumer knows that every furniture sale they see on TV, radio or print are phony. Retailers use ridiculous inflated suggested retail pricing so they can offer a 50% discount or more or use bait and switch tactics.

Deal directly with the owners. No pressure, No pushy salespeople and No commission to pay out which equals lower prices!

Huge Savings On National Name Brand Furniture

We set you up with exclusive name brand furniture lines normally only found in fine furniture establishments, such as: Ashley Furniture, KozyFurniture, Coaster, just to name a few, as well as original oil paintings, designer mirrors, patio furniture and more!

We Can Save You Thousands Of Dollars!

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